I'm glad you've decided to visit this page and consider supporting me, you shall have my eternal gratitude:-) I want to make one thing clear. I will never produce any content gated behind a paywall, and all my content will always be free for everyone


Direct donation via PayPal is similar to a classic bank transfer. It's faster, however, requires extra registration.

Donate via PayPal


Patreon is the most popular community creator funding service, just like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, where you send a set amount of money each month to your favorite content creator in exchange for his eternal gratitude, and some small rewards or benefits. It's easy, fast, and secure. I've set 5 donation tiers, however, you are free to set any amount you want.

Donate via Patreon

In the Game

You can also support me in the game if you play on EU servers. However for security reasons, please don't send me any items or gold via in-game email, I will be forced to return it back. But if you wish, you can add some time to my Community arena, and feel free to use it as well for your PvP dailies.

The procedure is simple. Enter the PvP lobby and at the Arena Vendor buy some Custom Arena Time Tokens. Then enter my arena and use those tokens from your inventory.





My thanks to all of you

I want to say a massive thank you to all my current, and also former supporters over the years. For all the support on Patreon, generous donations thru PayPal, or just supportive messages in-game. I means a lot to me, for my motivation. Once again - THANK YOU:-)