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My Map Completion Guides are designed with a relaxing philosophy in mind. One uninterrupted line from start to finish, following often more convenient path sacrificing a bit of length. The starting point is always at the logical beginning of the map. Either next to the portal from the previous lower level zone, or at the place where you usually appear for the first time.

You can choose between 2 versions:

  • "Griffon Edition" is made in a way, where you can utilize the flight ability of the Griffon Mount, and his wing flaps to handle medium jumps. Some parts may require the use of other mounts as well.
  • "Barefoot Edition" is accessible to everyone. It's designed to be followed on foot in Core Tyria zones, without any mastery or additional requirements. And with minimum mastery requirements in the Expansion and Living World Zones zones.

You can toggle between those options in the GW2TacO / BlishHUD menu -> Tekkit's Guides - Map Completion -> Region -> Routes Griffon Edition / Barefoot Edition. If you don't see these routes in the game, double-check if you properly followed Installation Instructions. If you still have issues, let me know in the #all-in-one-issues channel on our Discord

GRIFFON ROUTE BAREFOOT ROUTE Download All-in-One Marker Pack