guide jadebot

A Quick Guide for the Jade Bot and its mechanics. Check the article for more details.



Today, we will take a look at the Jade Bot, and everything around it. You could think it's a new and very cute companion, but that would be inaccurate. It's a modular gadget that expands your character travel and world interaction capabilities.
And since you can't use all of its tools at once, the proper customization that fits your playstyle is key.


The basic Bot unlocks as a part of the main End of Dragons storyline, so you can't miss it. It happens, once you reach Kaineng City which is quite early.
Then there are Masteries, expanding its basic functions, and upgrades enhancing masteries, as well as adding even more tools.
You just have to do the Story, and unlock masteries once per account, however, upgrades are separate for each character.

Basic Features

A freshly unlocked Bot can do only 2 things.

  • Use Ziplines and Teleporters for faster travel
  • Buff yourself with Offensive or Defensive Protocols which increase your Power, Condition Damage, Vitality, and Toughness by 150. Those buffs stack up to 90 minutes.
  • Teleporters and Protocols are the only Bot gadgets requiring Battery Charges. You can find those Jade Batteries all around the End of Dragons zones. With the maxed-out Masteries, you will be able to store up to 4 charges and each Battery will provide 2.

There are other minor devices you can interact with, like broken turrets, or terminals during the story, but they are not worth mentioning to be honest.


Masteries adds 3 additional functions.

  • Glide Boost replaces your Heal skill while gliding and kicks you up a bit when used.
    It has a 30s cooldown.
  • Jade Tech Waypoint allows you to place a one-time use Waypoint anywhere you want within a zone you are currently in.
    10 minutes cooldown.
  • Rescue Protocol replaces your Downed State Heal with a much stronger, uninterruptable one.
    Again 10 minutes cooldown.


Jade Bot upgrades are accessible at the Hero Panel in the Jade Bot Tab, however, you can change them only at the Jade Bot Workbenches at the End of Dragons zones, or in your Guild Hall.

  • There are 3 item slots determining the Bot's functionality. Power Core, Sensory Array, and Service Chip.
  • Power Core is always the same, there is only 1 type at the moment, increasing Vitality, but it can ofc change in the future. It has 10 tiers and can be either crafted or bought fairly cheap on the Trading Post. Same for the first tier of Arrays and Chips.
  • The 2nd tier requires the 1st one and a bit of Research Notes.
  • And the 3rd tier needs the 2nd one and a special ingredient. You can read which one drops where in their descriptions. These drops come from daily bouncing chests on the end of meta events or Strike Missions, very rare, and non-tradeable, so it may take a very long time. However, there is another way. Jade Vault Keeper in the Seitung Province sells them, but the price is quite high.

Sensory Arrays

For the Sensory Array, you can pick between various Scavenging, Recycling, and Enhancing modules.

  • Scavenging ones adds a chance for additional loot in form of basic materials or trophies.
    Profit is small, but it's there. Trophies are usually the most valuable.
  • Recycling Modules exchange some of the junk items you drop into tier 7 Dusts, Karma, or a new currency Jade Sliver.
    Since the list of applicable junk is small, the first 2 types can be ignored altogether.
  • You could almost say the same about the Jade Slivers as well. As you can see, you can exchange them only for basic currencies, which can be farmed way easier by other means. The only exception is Tyrian Defense Seal, that otherwise came from the Icebrood Saga Strike Missions.
  • And finally, there are Turtle Damage and Mount Energy Enhancers. The second one is my personal favorite.
    30% faster recharge is a huge advantage you will benefit from all the time. Raptors can leap more often, or Griffons can flap their wings in a way you won't lose altitude even without a speed boost.

Service Chips

Service Chip works the same way as the Sensory Array.

  • Gliding Booster increases the kick-off height of the Jade Bot Glide Booster Mastery, and it's again my personal favorite.
    It's such a quality of life upgrade I can't stress it enough.
  • Treasure Hunter Protocol is another great pick. It shows nearby chests and caches on the minimap, which can be quite handy while farming, especially in zones like Silverwastes. However, if you are using my marker packs, it's kinda redundant:-)
  • Rescue Protocol Recharger decreases 10 minutes basic cooldown of the Rescue Protocol Mastery.
    Not very useful if you ask me.
  • Skiff Supercharger increases the speed of your boat. Simple as that.