mc blackcitadel

My Super Adventure Box Guides cover every single notch, every place, every achievement, or a hidden shortcut. 

You can choose between 3 route groups based on the game mode you've picked:

  • "Normal Mode Pack" is made for the Normal mode obviously, but also serves as a ground framework for detours to various other places, like shops, bubbles, dig spots, etc. Therefore it does not always follow the shortest path. Keep in mind that progress in further zones requires the unlocking of various upgrades like a torch, or flute songs.
  • "Tribulation Mode Pack" covers the most convenient Tribulation paths. It often utilizes skips, and shortcuts, however, some parts with very difficult jumps include alternative routes as well.
  • "Hub Pack" contains all the markers associated with Super Adventure Hub, including races.

You can toggle between those options in the GW2TacO / BlishHUD menu -> Tekkit's Guides - Festivals -> Super Adventure Box ->  If you don't see these routes in the game, double-check if you properly followed Installation Instructions. If you still have issues, let me know in the #all-in-one-issues channel on our Discord