Fishing Markers - A massive update, that took over 2 months to make. 

Fishing Markers took a goal to find and cover every fishing hole on every map. I've run each map nearly 100 times to make sure I didn't miss a spot, but to truly cover every single one would take ages, so if you find a fishing hole, that is not yet covered, you can use TacO, place a plain marker and share the code on my Discord in #all-in-one-issues.

Fishing Markers has 3 separate parts you can toggle in the TacO/Blish menu and so customize to your liking.

Fishing Hole Markers - small icons visible from a great distance on the screen and on the map/minimap. If you use BlishHUD, these markers will slightly sink, once you get closer to not obstruct visibility.


Body of Water Outlines - Uses trails to outline relevant bodies of water where you can find Fishing Holes. They mostly follow coastlines, but not always since there are many places with shallow water where they are simply not present. I've decided to make outlines visible only on the map and minimap, them to avoid clutter.

Fish Charts - A large info panel with all the information you need to know about the Hole. What fishes can be caught here at what time, with what bait, rarity,..You know, for achievements. Fishes are sorted into 4 categories by the time of day and then each is sorted alphabetically. They are only visible from a very short distance and are semi-transparent until you get really close


If you don't see these routes in the game, double-check if you correctly followed the Installation Instructions. If you still have issues, let me know in the #all-in-one-issues channel on our Discord

Download All-in-One Marker Pack